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In Patient Rehab facility

We have developed 11 bedded in-house Physiotherapy rehabilitation Services for patients who have difficulty in their mobility and who are bedridden due to major medical illness or surgery.

In this facility,we provide Nursing,Physiotherapy,Food and accommodation. The other additional facilities such as Occupational therapy,Speech therapy and Physician Consultation are provided as per the need.

We are specialized in Neuro Rehabilitation for Brain stroke,Spine illness/Surgery.

We presently have our inpatient facilities at our own Clinic in Begumpet The unique feature here is having rehab facility at the hospital premises which has great advantage like in any medical emergencies full medical support care team is available in hospital itself which saves time.

The aim of our rehab facility is to provide the client a personalized treatment care plan in a home like environment for their speedy recovery with the dedicated team of professionals and the well equipped Rehab infrastructure helping to bounce back to their regular life with a maximum level of satisfaction both physically and mentally.


Our team includes Physiotherapist, Nurse, Occupational therapist, Speech therapist, Psychologist, Bedside care takers, Physicians, Surgeons, ect.,

Need of the Hour for Rehabilitation:-

Post hospitalization rehab services are almost non-existent in India. Presently patients requiring rehab services are either opting for physiotherapy, nursing, bedside attendants and Doctor which cost them more and more ever they lack the rehabilitation infrastructure of equipments etc,. or prefer staying in hospital for long period where risk of infections from critically ill patients are high and also expensive. To fill this gap, Cure Rehab and Home Health LLP had started a rehabilitation centre with all services under one roof. This kind of rehab facility greatly benefits the patients and ca be called as a transition care or post hospitalization rehab centre between hospital and home.

Majority of patients requiring rehab services are Brain stroke, Spinal cord disease or injury, Multiple trauma, Hip, Knee replacements, Post operative fractures.