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Day Care Rehab & Rehabilitation Centre

Patients with neurological diseases such as Brain stroke,Spine surgery are put in this 3 hrs/ 90 minutes day care Rehab program where patient undergoes intensive vigorous Physical therapy rehabilitation process for the faster recovery.Here the patient comes on a out patient basis.

Persons with Mental Illness do better, when living in the community; hence their stay in institutions, should be-brief and only when unavoidable. However, it is not conducive for recovery, if patients stay 24 hours at home interacting only with family members. For those, unable to find work or socialize, attending a day care centre is a good option to step out of the house, socialize and receive non-medical therapy. It also provides relief to the stressed family members.

Cure Rehab runs a Day Care cum Rehabilitation Centre at Begumpet, Hyderabad. In a homelike, peaceful environment, clients receive therapeutic day care and participate in rehabilitation related programmes. The Centre, spread over 3 levels, has a large yoga hall, activity rooms, library, consultation room, counseling room, respite room, jogging track and other facilities. Various activities and therapies are conducted by clinical psychologist sand experienced volunteers. Clients, unable to commute on their own,are provided pickup and drop facility.

Clients attending the Centre are helped to relearn the forgotten skills and build their capacity to perform various skills. They are encouraged to lead the activities by rotation to build their confidence and to develop leadership, group management and planning skills. While a few of the following activities like yoga are common for all, a few more are planned for clients individually keeping in view the nature and intensity of their illness, area of interest, personal capacity, education, age, understanding and skill.

Mind and Body : Self Care, Yoga,Pranayama, Aerobics, Gardening, Jogging, Outdoor Games, Indoor Games such as Dice Game,Train Game,Thumb and Coin Game, Cultural Programmes, Excursions.

In addition to the above activities, regular counseling sessions are held for all the clients and assessments are done using Positive and Negative Rating Scale and IDEA Scale. The families are kept informed of the progress and invited for discussions. Individual files are maintained for each client. The counselors manage occasional crisis situations which develop due to the nature of illness. The clients get paid for the items prepared by them in their activity programmes and also the entire profits earned on sale are distributed among them.

The clients attending regularly are greatly benefited by the therapeutic programmes and show considerable improvement over a period. As observed by the staff and volunteers and confirmed by caregiver sand also revealed by idea scale, the symptoms come down substantially and their participation in activities at the Centre and attending to chores at their respective homes goes up. The activities at the Centre help in restoring confidence and money earned from sundry jobs done at the Centre, incentives earned for behavioral modifications and the articles made and sold gives them a sense of achievement and empowerment. Their leading the activities and taking sessions builds their confidence and equips them for employment. Getting paid for their work and helping others enhances their self-esteem. There are a few success stories; some have found employment; some others have started their own venture. The rehabilitated clients had come to the Centre in a critical condition. Interacting with each other in an environment helps in their overcoming social withdrawal.

Clients coming to the Centre rediscover their own identity in an environment, where their actions are not criticized, where there is warmth and empathy and where there is no stigma. Rehabilitation programmes at the Centre help clients with complex mental health problems to regain cognitive, emotional, social, intellectual and physical skills needed to live, learn, work and function independently in the community with least interference from the symptoms. Rehabilitation remains a continuous process at the Centre. The ultimate goal is to make the clients independent in all aspects of their lives, financial, social, relationships building and maintaining.